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Partner Self Conscious About Manhood

Men are naturally insecure. They are also blessed with a jealousy gene that correlates with that insecurity. Consider this: you mention past lovers to your partner, does he erupt in a fit of envy or jealousy or does he take it in his stride easily understanding that everyone has a past and that he still adores you and no-one and nothing at all else matters? If it is the latter then you are extremely lucky as more often than not it is the former.

But what makes men so insecure and envious? Well, alas, research shows that a lot of men end up suffering from low self-esteem and insecurity because of one thing: a small manhood.

In a recent survey conducted by men’s health website PenilePlus it was reported that almost nine out of ten men are miserable due to the size of their manhood. Men often believe that they cannot please a female with the existing size of their member. In addition, they harbour anxieties that women will eventually reject them for their lack of length and/or girth.

Insecure Man
Having a small manhood may lead to feelings of insecurity

If you’re man is loaded with insecurities because of the size of his manhood then he has a few options. One, he could select a suitable male enhancement product that could help increase its length and girth. There are an incredible number of products available on the market that are cons that simply take your cash and offer absolutely no benefits, so please do your research and exercise caution when purchasing. Secondly, he could start a penis exercise program which could increase its size over time. Losing weight that can also help by making the penis appear larger. If your partner is overweight then it can make his manhood appear smaller than it actually is. Fourth, you can reassure your partner that there are other qualities that women look for. For example, being a great listener and being incredibly sensitive to women’s thoughts and feelings are incredibly important. Fourth, asking your man to shave his pubic area to make his genitals look one to two inches longer.

Being insecure is an awful way to live your life. Male insecurity and the size of their manhood are closely intertwined and it is a serious problem for most men. If this is the case with your partner and it is getting them down then it could be time to take charge of the situation and sit down and talk with them. Having a grown up conversation and telling your partner that you are happy with them can help them begin living a wholesome, self-confident life.